EZ GO Charge: Credit for you or your business!


Your EZ GO Charge Card is good for any fuel, food or merchandise purchase at any EZ GO store.  Pay at the pump for your fuel and car wash, or swipe for convenient payments inside.  You can have multiple cards on your account.  Each card is protected by a PIN number which you select.

You receive a monthly statement showing details for each transaction.  Also, you can go online any time to check your recent purchases.

Businesses and Fleets

EZ GO Charge offers many additional features to help you manage your business spending.  Each card can have customized spending limits.  Cards can be set up to require odometer readings for each fuel purchase, giving you mileage information for each vehicle.  Another option allows drivers to enter purchase order numbers which will be reported on your monthly statement.  Any of this information, like the card’s PIN number, can be entered at the pump for your convenience.


EZ GO Charge is more secure than regular credit cards.  First, nothing can be charged unless the user enters the correct PIN number.  Then you get an e-mail alert for every charge that’s made.  Your information is protected and your purchase details are always at your fingertips.

You have zero liability for fraudulent charges as long as you comply with the Credit Agreement.

Prompt Pay Discount

  • Less than 100 gallons purchased in the month: 2¢/gallon discount
  • 100-499 gallons/month: 3¢/gal discount
  • 500-2499 gals/mo: 4¢/gal disc
  • 2500 and over: 5¢/gal


No setup fees

No annual fees

No finance charges if balance is paid when due

Credit Agreement
Individual Account Application
Business Account Application

Secure and Convenient:  EZ GO Charge!

To apply, please contact us at 580-595-8388

or chargehelp@ezgostores.com.