FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why would I want to work for the EZ GO Team?

Working at EZ GO is SIC: Smile, Interact, and Care is our mantra. Our team members work hard and have fun! They are drawn to our visionary yet simple commitment to people. SICness is contagious…catch it!

I have a comment for EZ GO. Where do I send it?

We love getting feedback from our customers! See the Contact Us section on our website for several ways to reach us. We will respond!

Where are EZ GO stores located?

We are located in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Our website has an up to date listing of store locations.


Does EZ GO offer specials or coupons?

Yes! We offer deals on our website or when you visit a store. Save 7 cents on every gallon of fuel using our Saver Club Card or buy a car wash and save 10 cents per gallon. Use the Saver Club Card and buy a car wash and save 17 cents per gallon!

How do I become a vendor for EZ GO stores?

We are constantly enhancing the EZ GO experience with new ideas and offerings. Please send an email to michael@ezgostores.com with your product information.


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